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Brackets & Hardware

Corner Angle Brackets
Use these brackets to make 90º connections between bones..
Corner Angle Bracket 1x1Corner Angle Bracket 1x2Corner Angle Bracket 2hx2hCorner Angle Bracket 2vx2vCorner Angle Bracket 2x4Corner Angle Bracket 3x3
Corner Angle Bracket 4hx4hCorner Angle Bracket 4sx4sCorner Angle Bracket 6x6Corner Angle Bracket 8x8Corner Angle Bracket trans

Corner Posts
Use these brackets to make adjustable connections between bones.
Adjustable Corner PostsPivoting Corner Posts

Joining Plates
Use these brackets to make connections between bones.
Joining Plate 2x1Joining Plate 2x2Joining Plate 3x1Joining Plate 3x2Joining Plate 3x3Joining Plate 4x1
Joining Plate 4x2Joining Plate 4x3Joining Plate 5x3Joining Plate Corner 4Joining Plate Corner 5Joining Plate Corner 7
Joining Plate Corner 7Joining Plate Corner 12Joining Plate T 4Joining Plate T 5Joining Plate T 7Joining Plate T 8
Joining Plate T 12Joining Plate Cross 1Joining Plate Cross 2Joining Plate Angle 1Joining Plate Angle 2

Floor Mounts, Casters & Adjustable Feet
Use these parts at the base of your creature to add stability or mobility.
Levelling Plate 1Levelling Plate 2Levelling AnchorPlateAdjustable FeetCastersCaster Plates

Hinges & Handles
Use these parts to add doors, hinged connections and handles.
Standard HingesHidden HingesLift-Off HingesPlastic HingesHandles

Screws, Nuts & Fasteners
Use to attach all of your components.
Socket Head Cap ScrewsButton Head Cap ScrewsFlat Head Cap ScrewsHex Cap ScrewsT-BoltsWashers
Pivot T-NutsEconomy T-NutsContinuous T-NutsHeady Duty T-Nuts

Screws, Nuts & Fasteners
Use these to cap the ends of your bones.
Socket Head Cap ScrewsButton Head Cap Screws


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