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Deluxe Masks with Costumes

While we encourage you to use any combination of mask, clothing and accessories you choose, these masks and accessories are a small selection which we have found to work well with AllScare componentry.

These deluxe models feature ultra-realistism and film quality effects


Nate Zombie Item No. ASMaskC1-NateZombie

Item No. ASMaskC1-Nate Zombie

Nate Zombie

Costume includes, full over the head form-fitting mask with velcro up the back, weathered Death coat, full rib cage and gore chestpiece, fx quality hands, knee or elbow fractured bone appliances for your own pants. Please specify size, Med, large or XL for Death Coat.

Werewolf Item No. ASMaskC2-Werewolf

Item No. ASMaskC2-Werewolf


Costume includes full, over the head Werewolf mask with acrylic teeth, punched hair, custom glass eyes, matching latex Werewolf hands, latex/foam feet a customized werewolf flannel shirt with hand laid NFTech hair. Color schemes include; Brown, Grey, and White.

Mummy Item No. ASMaskC3-Mummy

Item No. ASMaskC3-Mummy


Costume includes full overhead mask, hands and a custom bodysuit wrapped with latex soaked bandages. The mask and suit are closed with velcro up the back this provides ventalation. The best color schemes are brown/tan, green/brown, black/tan. All are weathered to a screen-used look.

Dog Will Hunt Item No. ASMaskC4-DogWillHunt

Item No. ASMaskC4-Dog Will Hunt

Dog Will Hunt

Costume includes full over the head mask with velro up the back with wild stylized hair, A weathered and blood stained 70's style Coat, An Apron of Skinned Faces, a foam/latex Hammer prop, and a skinned face accessory.

Beast Hands Item No. ASMaskH1-Beast Hands

Item No. ASMaskH1-Beast Hands

Beast Hands

Mummy Hands Item No. ASMaskH2-Mummy Hands

Item No. ASMaskH2-Mummy Hands

Mummy Hands

Zombie Hands Item No. ASMaskH3-Zombie Hands

Item No. ASMaskH3-Zombie Hands

Zombie Hands

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