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Masks without Costumes

While we encourage you to use any combination of mask, clothing and accessories you choose, these masks and accessories are a small selection which we have found to work well with AllScare componentry.

These models are oversized for amzingly frightening effect!


Freak-N-Monster Item No. AS52050

Item No. AS52050


Scarecrow Item No. AS52072

Item No. AS52072


Bad Seed Item No. AS52361

Item No. AS52361

Bad Seed

Psycho Lantern Item No. AS52048

Item No. AS52048

Psycho Lantern

Hell Hound Item No. AS52049

Item No. AS52049

Hell Hound

Gothic Punk Item No. AS52073

Item No. AS52073

Gothic Punk

Inferno Skull Item No. AS52084

Item No. AS52084

Inferno Skull

Boozer the Clown Item No. AS52051

Item No. AS52051

Boozer the Clown

Giggles Item No. AS52055

Item No. AS52055


Trojan Corpes Item No. AS52057

Item No. AS52057

Trojan Corpes

Punk Skull Item No. AS52340

Item No. AS52340

Punk Skull

Battle Knight Item No. AS52342

Item No. AS52342

Battle Knight

Fantasy Knight Item No. AS52344

Item No. AS52344

Fantasy Knight

Mad Ape Item No. AS52074

Item No. AS52074

Mad Ape

Sinister Singe Item No. AS52083

Item No. AS52083

Sinister Singe

Blood Lust Item No. AS52062

Item No. AS52062

Blood Lust

Mr. Bones Item No. AS52065

Item No. AS52065

Mr. Bones

Shady Slim Item No. AS52329

Item No. AS52329

Shady Slim

Death Dealer Item No. AS52337

Item No. AS52337

Death Dealer

Grim Reaper Item No. AS52091

Item No. AS52091

Grim Reaper

Dark Diablo Item No. AS52095

Item No. AS52095

Dark Diablo

Tree Man Item No. AS52347

Item No. AS52347

Tree Man

Cap'n Dead Eye Item No. AS52092

Item No. AS52092

Cap'n Dead Eye

Cyclops Item No. AS68113

Item No. AS68113


Jugular Jabber Item No. AS52324

Item No. AS52324

Jugular Jabber

Gruesome Bat Item No. AS52328

Item No. AS52328

Gruesome Bat

Demon Beast Item No. AS52330

Item No. AS52330

Demon Beast

Grand Reaper Item No. AS52334

Item No. AS52334

Grand Reaper

Muscle Guard Item No. AS52335

Item No. AS52335

Muscle Guard

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