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Pricing Reference Chart
Part Number Description Price
AS-Body Kits see body kits page ----------
ASC #'s see AllScare controller price list ----------
AS-Complete Animatronic Characters see animatronics character price list ----------
AS-Compressors contact AllScare ----------
ASMAN see manifold kits price list ----------
AS-Masks see masks price list ----------
ASPS #'s see power supply price list ----------
ASRA #'s see cylinder price list ----------
ASVB #'s see voice board price list ----------
CBA #'s see brackets & hardware for cylinders price list ----------
D #'s see cylinder price list ----------
DVD's see DVD price list ----------
DXP #'s see air cylinder price list ----------
EX #'s see std & non-std extrusion price list ---------
F #'s see brackets & hardware for cylinders price list ---------
Fittings all prices are on fittings product description page ---------
Filter Regulator Lubricators all prices are on filter regulator lubricators product description page ---------
H #'s see body kits price list ---------
HP #'s see body kits price list ---------
JN #'s see brackets & hardware for cylinders price list ---------
N #'s see cylinder price list ---------
PB#'s see brackets & hardware for cylinders price list ---------
RB #'s see brackets & hardware for cylinders price list ---------
RC #'s see brackets & hardware for cylinders price list ---------
Speed Controls all prices are on speed controls product description page ---------
Tubing all prices are on tubing product description page ---------
Valves all prices are on valves product description page ---------
Valve Boxes see valve boxes price list ---------
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