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Stainless Steel Male Connector

Model MCS Dimensions: Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Imperial fittings in Inch, Metric fittings in mm, U.S.O.

All 316 Stainless Steel Push-In Fitting Operation Guide:
A. Installation of Pipe Fitting:
Apply an appropriate sealant onto the thread, tighten fitting by hand, then turn it 2 to 3 turns with a wrench until it reaches the desire torque listed below.

Recommendation of Torque for Tightening Fittings

Fitting Pipe Size Torque, lb-ft Torque, kgf/cm
NPT1/8, R1/8 5-6.5 70-90
NPT1/4, R1/4 8.5-10 120-140
NPT3/8, R3/8 16-17.5 220-240
NPT1/2, R1/2 20-21.5 280-300

B. Installation of Tubing into Fitting:

1. Slowly push a clean and perpendicularly cut piece of  tubing into the fitting until it comes to a dead stop.
2. Pull the tubing back gently until the Collet of the fitting grips onto the tubing and has a good seal.
3. Use Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane or Nylon Tubing designed for instant fittings. 
    Hard metal tubing, such as Stainless Steel tubing as can be used if tubing is grooved first.

C. Removal of Tubing from Fitting:

1. Push in evenly on the two sides of the Release Button.
2. Pull out the tube while keeping the Release Button depressed.
3. To reuse tubing: cut off the lodged portion of the previously used tubing evenly and perpendicularly. 

D. Tubing Size Requirements:

Follow the tubing size tolerance below:
Polyurethane Tubing: specified fitting size ± 0.004” max. (± 0.1 mm max.) 
Polyethylene Tubing: specified fitting size ± 0.006” max. (± 0.15 mm max.) 
Polypropylene Tubing: specified fitting size ± 0.004” max. (± 0.1 mm max.) 
Nylon Tubing:: specified fitting size ± 0.004” max. (± 0.1 mm max.) 
Pre-Grooved Metal Tubing:: specified fitting size ± 0.004” max. (± 0.1 mm max.) 

E. Storage: Store Fittings in a dry, cool place and away from sunlight.

F. Specification, Material of Construction and Schematic of Typical Construction:

Operating Pressure 0 - 250 PSI 0 - 1650 kpa 
Vacuum 0 - 29.5 in Hg 750 mm Hg 
Operating Temperature 5 - 230 °F -15 to 110 °C
Sterilization Temperature  280 °F 138 °C
Elbows Swivel (rotate 360°)
Recommended Tubing Material Polyurethane, Nylon, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene.
Hard metal tubing can be used if tubing is grooved first
Material of Construction
Metal Body 316 Stainless Steel
One piece combination Release Button & Collet 316 series Stainless Steel
O-ring/Packing Viton

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