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Bone EX-11 with Smaller 1/4” Series Slots
Standard lengths are 96”, 144.25”, 192.63”

Bone EX-11 with Smaller 1/4” Series Slots Deflection = Y (inches)50012501000750Span in inches (L)102030405060708090100110120102030405060708090100110120Span in inches (L)2505007501000Load lbs (P)SpanLoad at centery =5.22 x 107PL3Load condition:Fixed at one end, sliding at one end,load at centerDeflection = Y (inches)load at unsupported endFixed at one end,Load condition:EX-113PL61.46 x 10y =Load at endSpan250Load lbs (P)1.00.26typ..09typ..231.00.201 dia.(1/4" dia tap size)Finish = Clear anodized• Material = 6105-T5 Aluminum96", 144.25", 192.63" Lengths standard.• • Section Properties:Moment of Intertia in4 .049Section modulus in3 .097• Weight/ft = .530 lbs.• Est. Area = .451 Sq. In.102030405060708090100110120Span in inches (L)25050075010001250Load lbs (P)y =9.33 x 107PL3Load at centerSpanLoad condition:Fixed at both ends, load at centerDeflection = y (inches)


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