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Item No. AS-Amp-150
The perfect companion to our Mp3 Audio Player and speaker system, this little Amp packs a big punch. Volume is king in horror, and the AllScare Amplifier will deliver loud, clear sound, from a surprisingly small unit.

-Super compact small size.
- Low pass filter
- High pass filter
- Gain volume control
- Comes with inputs for RCAs (low level)
- Comes with wire harness for high level inputs (regular stereo output to amp harness)
- For 4ohm speakers only
- Remote wire turn on lead
- 12 Volt DC Power Supply Required, Sold Separately
- Overall Size: 4 1/4"L x 3 1/4"W x 1 9/16"H

- Gold-Plated RCA Connectors
- Power On LED Indication
- Power & High Level Input & Speaker Output with Wafer Connectors
- High/Low Level Input

- Total Harmonic Distortion: Less Than 0.1%
- Signal to Noise Ratio: More Than 90dB
- Stereo Separation: More Than 55dB
Frequency Response: 20`20k Hz
Output Power (at 14.4v DC Input): RMS 75 Wattsx2CH

Amp Connections
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