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Mp3 Audio Player

USB Mp3 Player Unit

Item No. AS-USB3-10 Channel

Forget CDs, stereos and all of those wires you've been using to add sound to your creatures. AllScare's Mp3 Audio Player is designed to mount directly to your creature and in conjunction with our amplifier and speaker systems, delivers any sound with amazing clarity from this incredibly small package. Record up to 10 voice or sound tracks on a USB flash drive, then watch your character come to life!

This is a very simple audio controller that when triggered by pressing the single on-board button or by dry contact closure at the trigger terminal, will cause the player to play back 1 to 10 MP3 files that are stored on a USB flash device (USB pen drive not included). These MP3 files can be of any size up to the capacity of the USB flash device. You can have any number of files up to 10 on the flash device.

There are 2 modes of operation provided ­ Sequential and Random.

In Sequential Mode, the player will play the files back sequentially from file000.mp3 to file009.mp3 (or whatever your last file is), one file at a time each time the board is triggered. After it has played the last file, it will go back to file000.mp3 and start over.

In Random Mode, it will pick one of the files to play back at random. It will pick a new file each time the board is triggered. The board will wait until the file has finished playing before it can be activated again.

Remote Sensor boards can be added to trigger the audio playback board automatically, or manual switch can be used to start playback. You can also trip it from one of the outputs on our PLC controller.

This MP3 controller can be used in a prop, with an animatronic character, puppets, information display exhibit , at museums, zoos, as public information boards and other areas to play very high quality stereo audio sound every time it is activated.

( power supply, speaker, remote amp, switch, audio cables, USB flash drive - not included )

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